A Case of Mistaken Identity

There’s lots to be said about evolution, faith, and technology. This site is premised on their interaction over time, and especially in these days.

Meghan O’Gieblyn, in her piece Ghost in the Cloud, gives  a sincere update on all three. As a Christian who lost her faith, her search for salvation in technology — and the people she finds there — provides especially worthwhile insights into the state of yearning in an increasingly godless world. It’s a yearning that runs through rich and poor, tech savvy and not, conservatives and liberals. It’s not, in other words, prejudiced.

O’Gieblyn raises more than a few issues that deserve attention, but a these stood out:

  1. The dead that many technologists want to raise might not want to re-join the living. Don’t they get a say?
  2. Lost in the debate about the eternal life promised in the Bible, and whether it includes the spirit and/or the flesh, is that the Christian faith is founded on the idea that through his sacrifice Christ has already saved us.
  3. Heaven on Earth and immortality are not necessarily linked. In fact, simply living like Christ would be enough to make our world as it is in Heaven.

O’Gieblyn does a great service putting this journey in context, and raising questions about who and what we’re following on our way to hope, heaven, or doom. A sure sign of intelligent life.