Comedian in Chief

Donald Trump’s tweets, disturbing on many levels, are a real treat. Isn’t it better to know what the man is thinking from moment to moment, than not?

They’re also good for a laugh. Take the knee slapper of a picture he tweeted of himself writing his inaugural speech. Seriously, “deep thoughts” or what? This one alone earns him the title “Comedian in Chief”.

If that photo captures Trump writing his inaugural address, it’s equivalent to:

OJ getting dressed for his induction to the Pro Football Hall of Fame:


Rob Schneider trying out his acceptance speech for the Best Actor Oscar:


Newt Gingrich practicing his wedding vows:


Miescher practicing for the Westminster Kennel Club agility competition:


Hillary Clinton writing her inaugural address:


Writing your own speech, Donald? In that photo? Good comedy, but…

Verdict: Nice try.