How Specific Demographics Viewed the Election Results

We know how folk of sound mind viewed the results of the 2016 U.S. presidential election. With horror and disbelief.

While for many the fear and sadness lingers and somehow deepens with every passing day, the good news is that in the weeks since the election the putrid prelude to the presidency hasn’t totally overwhelmed the outlook for humanity. There are too many good people on the Earth for that. Still, the initial shock to the system is evident here.

Against that backdrop, this is how particular segments of the population viewed those same election results.




Mitt Romney


The Insane




Billionaire Patrician Swamp Drainers

Everyone Outside of the U.S. (except Putin)


All Other Sociopaths in the U.S.


Democrat Strategists




College-aged Sons and Daughters of Helicopter Parents


Hillbillies (Urban and Rural)






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